Circular economy in the municipality is about a green transition in the whole value chain across administrations and in all the municipality’s activities. Through planning, regulatory tasks, procurement, tendering and promotion of trade, the municipality can accelerate the circular transition in business and services to citizens.



With support from the Nordic Council of Ministers, PlanMiljø and Local Government Denmark investigated in 2018 circular economy in Nordic municipalities.
In addition to various reports, studies and materials on circular economy, the project is primarily based on interviews and dialogue meetings with Nordic municipalities, local government organisations and relevant stakeholders.
The Nordic Council of Ministers published the Guideline for Circular Economy in Local Governments in April 2019 and at the World Circular Economy Forum 2019 in Helsinki PlanMiljø and NCM prepared a side event for the forum, where 50 people from local and national governments as well as circular economy practitioners and businesses from all over the world signed up for exiting discussions on the role of the local governments in the circular economy.


The main objective of the event was to exchange experiences on local governments as drivers for circular economy. Three inspiring presentations were given by Paulina Jalonen (Kuntalitto, FI), Pirkko Melville (Jyväskylä, Fi), and Camilla Sjögren, Ronneby (SE). Thank you so much for providing a picture of how far local governments can get with ambitious visions and devoted people.
PlanMiljø gave two presentations:
The technical aspects of circular economy in local governments
The organizational aspects of circular economy in local governments – PlanMiljø’s organizational model in the Nordic perspective
Using PlanMiljø’s new digital tool for workshop facilitation, the participants eagerly discussed the key themes of the new Guide:
Which technical areas can provide the largest sustainability benefits of circular initiatives?
How does the municipality mainstream circular economy to become a general principle for all development initiatives?


The Circular Guide – in Danish language only, at this point of time – can be found amongst NCM’s publications at: https://www.norden.org/da/publication/cirkulaer-guide
An English summary booklet was prepared by PlanMiljø specifically for the side event at World Circular Economy Forum: Circular guide booklet