Environmental Monitoring

PlanMiljø has a long history of consultancy for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) and Local Government Denmark (LGD) in development of tools and guides to support local environmental authorities in an active and proactive supervision of polluting companies and their opportunities to contribute to the companies’ preventive environmental work.
PlanMiljø has among other projects been responsible for:
• The Environmental Protection Agency’s Guide on and evaluation of inspection campaigns
• Updating Annex 1 of ‘Brugerbetalingsbekendtgørelsen’
• Environmental Protection Agency’s Guide on monitoring of companies
• Establishing monitoring system for environmental monitoring for the new ‘Tilsynsbekendtgørelse’
• Environmental management and environmental monitoring (KL)
We offer a range of courses and custom-made consultancy to public authorities and companies. PlanMiljø has taught more than 1,000 workshop participants in these subjects.