Organisation & Management

The challenges within organisation and management vary from institution to institution, from company to company – and the solutions must fit the specific reality. As a consequence a common principle in our work with organisations is to get an impression of the organisations situation first, then discuss development objectives, and finally contribute to the achievement of the desired objectives.
PlanMiljø has carried out organisation and management projects for a number of clients over the years. Often the objective is to improve the working life of both the management and the employees combined with an increased possibility of economic growth.
As process consultants we start a dialog with the management and the employees to clarify the specific problems. On the basis of the company’s own ideas and our experience with problem solving we find the right tool to move on.
As a rule we inspire our clients to develop a strategy. If you do not know were you are going – all roads are equally good. From a strategy the company can develop a plan of action. PlanMiljø will inspire to solutions and potential.