Capacity Building

PlanMiljø has 25 years’ of experience in organising and conducting training courses within many different subjects.
We have taught more than 1,000 participants in virtually every conceivable theme of sustainability, leadership and innovation, and we offer ongoing training courses specifically tailored to the clients’ specific needs.
We also have great experience in facilitation of workshops and seminars. E.g. during the summer of 2014 we organized a major workshop in Brussels (for the EU’s Green Week) with the participation of a wide range of experts, politicians and authority representatives with a special interest for WEEE (electronic waste).
Capacity building is also about institutions. We continuously conduct institutional analyses and develop recommendations and strategies that can lead institutions towards relevant and transparent goals and effects. Our collaborations here include Danish municipalities, the EU, and the Nordic Council of Ministers.
All our courses are organized in close dialogue with the counterpart and thereby designed to the specific context. The courses and training are interactive with short presentations, various group exercises, and plenary discussions.
Among our accomplished training courses are the following topics:
Organisation and management