Mainstreaming Sustainability

How do you embed sustainability firmly and deeply within an organisation’s structure and day-to-day activites? At PlanMiljø we have been working with these issues for more than ten years and have been commissioned by both the Nordic Council of Ministers and the European Commission to assist them in successfully mainstreaming sustainability.
Experience has shown us that it is not sufficient to approach this task from a technical point of view (i.e. via tools and procedures). The employees of an organisation will work in the desired direction only if they have helped to define goals and activities, if they can see the value of the effort, and if no other priorities hinder the push for sustainability. Mainstreaming must, therefore, also focus on vision and leadership (with a need for a mix of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ instruments).
PlanMiljø offers a wide range of services – from organisational analysis of courses for management and employees, to the development of digital tools that facilitate the integration of sustainability into the daily operations of an organisation. We are highly experienced in developing mainstreaming strategies, methods and training tools tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation.