Sustainable Consumption and Production

A great challenge faced by economies today, is to integrate environmental sustainability with economic growth and welfare by decoupling environmental degradation from economic growth, and doing more with less. Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) has been one of PlanMiljøs’ core business areas for years, and we work with sustainable consumption and production at several levels:
Governmental Level
PlanMiljø has been involved in several partnerships on SCP with governments; both in terms of development of guidelines; and tools for businesses; as well as strengthening of green procurement in public authorities. PlanMiljø is one of the most experienced players in the field of Green Public Procurement (GPP) in Denmark, and we have supported many public authorities both on a national, Nordic and international level. PlanMiljø is currently managing ‘The Secretariat for Green Public Procurement’ of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA). The purpose of the secretariat is to promote and facilitate GPP in Danish public authorities.
Business Level
PlanMiljø has a long history of cooperation with businesses in Denmark, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and we have built an extensive network with frontrunners and some of the largest businesses in Denmark, which enables our deep knowledge in the field. Our consultancy is frequently used when developing programs and projects concerning SMEs environmental work. As an example, PlanMiljø has in collaboration with The Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) and DEPA, developed the web portal Green21.dk. The portal is for Danish businesses to find inspirational material on how to strengthen their competiveness through green initiatives and environmental improvement.
PlanMiljø does also provide direct assistance to business on how to improve their environmental profile e.g. green business models, waste prevention, and resource and energy efficiency.
Consumer/Citizen Level
Consumers are the third element in SCP since they play a central role in pushing the demand for green products and services. PlanMiljø has prepared a number of consumer-oriented campaigns and measurements on consumption patterns. PlanMiljø has also developed several educational materials on SCP for Danish and Nordic students in primary school, financed by DEPA and The Nordic Council of Ministers.