Waste and Resources in a Circular Economy

Waste management has been a focus area for political attention for decades. This because waste treatment causes a number of environmental problems in terms of air and water pollution, climate change, etc. but increasingly because waste represents a valuable resource which can be recirculated back into the economy, with both economic and environmental gains.
PlanMiljø has over the years assisted many municipalities and businesses prepare waste management plans and policies, and has completed environmental and economic assessments of various waste treatments for the Danish EPA. We have significant expertise in waste data and assist the EPA and municipalities in developing systems for gathering and processing such data. We are also experts in WEEE and its collection and preparation for reuse and recycling.
More recently much of our work concerns waste prevention, both via working with business on developing circular economy and resource effective business models, via developing educational materials for schools and assising in capacity building. We are currently the Secretariat for Prevention of Food Waste for the Danish EPA. We have significant expertise in policies and initiatives for increased reuse and recycling of textiles in Nordic economies.